– Satyameva Jayate Lyrics

AR Rahman

– Satyameva Jayate lyrics . "– Satyameva Jayate" is from SuperHeavy. Lyrics of – Satyameva Jayate Hindi song.

Language: Hindi

Album/Movie: SuperHeavy

Artists: AR Rahman

– Satyameva Jayate Lyrics

Satya hai Jeevanam
Satya hai Junoon
Satya deta hai Sukoon
Truth is life
Truth is passion
Truth gives peaceSatyameva Jayate!
Truth alone triumphs!
Triumphs!Hey hey..! come on….allah rakha…!Khul ke kaho ji
Mil Jul ke kaho
Satya hi rab hai woh
Tera yeh mera ye nahi nahi nahi
Satya hi sabka ek mazhab ho
Tell Freely
Say together
truth is only god
It’s yours? It’s mine? No No No
May truth be everyone’s Religion

Wake Up!
Satya ke dhage se
Get Up!
Dil ko jodo hey hey!
Wake Up!
Satya ke daaman ko
Get Up!
Yun na chhodo
Truth’s thread links the hearts
Don’t leave truth’s tail like this.If you wanna be winner
Make friends with the truth
Let your life be a lover
It’s choice for you to choosesatyameva jayate! [x4]
Truth Alone TriumphsFrench Rap by Damian MarleySatya Hai Junnon
I Try For The Inner Or As I Try For The True
Satya Mein Hai Sukoon
Is A Wakeup Call I Hope You Get It SoonParam Satya hai
Satya mein hai Sukoon
It’s ultimate truth
Peace is in Truth.Satyameva Jayate!
Truth Alone Triumphs.

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