140503 at dawn (English Translation) Lyrics

SUGA (슈가) / Agust D

140503 at dawn (English Translation) lyrics . Lyrics of 140503 at dawn (English Translation) K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: SUGA (슈가) / Agust D

140503 at dawn (English Translation) Lyrics

Artist: Agust D (SUGA)
Song: 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)(English Translation)
Album: Agust D
Year: 2016

Separated from society, the feelings I had after leaving home
From my 19 year old self’s perspective, one who hates overexerting, thanks to the trainee life that got almost a perfect score, and the resulting social phobia, my relationships got zero marks
I always made sure to prepare two masks
Hiding my true self behind my defensive appearance
In thoroughly hiding myself it’s as if I’ve forever become a sinner
Unable to take even one step outside the dorm that felt like a prison
It’s getting further away
My close friends, family, everything is leaving me
Unable to stay, with everything passing me by
The arrow still misses the target called human relationships
Pretending not to be lonely, pretending not to be in agony
Pretending to be alright for no reason, uselessly pretending to appear strong
Don’t come over the wall that I have put before myself
Don’t desert me on this island in this vast sea
Credits to: bts-trans

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