724148 (English Translation) Lyrics

SUGA (슈가) / Agust D

724148 (English Translation) lyrics . Lyrics of 724148 (English Translation) K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: SUGA (슈가) / Agust D

724148 (English Translation) Lyrics

Artist: Agust D (SUGA)
Song: 치리사일사팔 (724148)(English Translation)
Album: Agust D
Year: 2016

Only a few years have passed since I said, like a know-it-all, that I’d do music
“If I do well in music in Daegu, the farthest I’ll get is (becoming) the principal of a music academy or something” this kind of thought just hits me
“I only live once anyway, I might as well be number one at least once for something”
The number one that I couldn’t be in academics
I thought I could be it (first place) through music, the crowds of people around me (ten/hundred to one) said
This idiot is suffering, suffering from the “bullshit disease” again
Fuck up dickhead, look closely, you all have lost again
Anyway, in order to do music more stylishly/better, I thought I’d better get out of Daegu first uh
The powerful footsteps of a pimple-scarred high schooler fade out in front of an audition poster
“It says it’s a rap competition by held by Bang Sihyuk”
“If it’s Bang Sihyuk then it’s that Baek Jiyoung that, ah ah-
Isn’t that the person who wrote ‘Like Being Hit By A Bullet?’” “No, hyungnim”
And so I ended up going to the competition with my crew hyungnims
They say in order to get to the final round, you have to pass the preliminaries
Ok well that much is just a piece of cake, whatever
After plowing through the beat they gave us to rap on and turning it upside down
I began to rearrange the beats, look here at what kind of kid I am

Would you have done this
If you were me, would you have done it like this?
Listen, what kind of company would, huh?
Say they don’t want this kind of genius
From the company’s perspective, yo, they got lucky
My aimless faith, that’s the root of my success
I’m saying this because this is all in the past but, the day after the preliminaries
A phone call came, the area code was 02
November 7th, 2010 my entry into Seoul
“There’s nothing much in Gangnam either,” Daegu country boy’s forestallment
That night I bought my dinner coolly
What the fuck, seeing the check my eyes popped out
My monthly living expenses was only 300 bucks shit
I knew better than anyone that the money would always be short so
I started working the graveyard shift at part-time jobs uh
Because of that the time I got to school was always different uh
When I go to school, it’s all kids from the rich families
They waste money that’s many times my monthly expenses just on alcohol
And then fuck, what what? They say they don’t have money
Shut the fuck up assholes, just shut your fucking mouth
Am I in need of success? No I’m just in of need money
It’s even been a while since I’ve forgotten the word “stylish”
Practicing at night and working part time at dawn
Then I drag my exhausted body to school only to fall asleep there
When I turned 20, the scene of my graduation was shit
The assholes that gambled all night? They got foreign brand cars as graduation gifts so I’m a little envious
I’m envious. Fuck. The fact that the world is unfair is something I already knew but while some people are sharing a 15 pyeong two-room apartment with 15 people,
Others are driving foreign cars around in style upon graduating
Ok ok ok just watch
Leave your comments of “will you even debut?” behind
Watch me a year from now, assholes, what I’ll be doing
At that time you’ll probably call me after seeing me on TV

Credits to: bts-trans

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