9 to 5 (English Translation) Lyrics

Crush (크러쉬)

9 to 5 (English Translation) lyrics . Lyrics of 9 to 5 (English Translation) K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: Crush (크러쉬)

9 to 5 (English Translation) Lyrics

Artist: 크러쉬 (Crush)
Song: 9 to 5 (feat. Gaeko)(English Translation)
Album: Crush On You
Year: 2016

Girl crushes all Crush on me
Crush is like Oreo so sweet
You are my milk, we makin chemistry
From morning to noontime to evening
Uncrushable Gaeko and me
When I come into the studio
Fireworks go off, static electricity
idea idea idea
Every night we are renewed, at the peak
So I’m gonna buy my dad a private jet for his birthday
That’s what I need
The path I need to walk on
I knew since winter of 2012
Believe that shit
I released my tracks since then
Placing them on charts
Started from the basement without a heater
To the top of the clouds
So of course there’s noise
but I don’t give a shit
I just press mute
Until you come see my concert
Be careful what you say
More fame more money
more bitches more crews
no love never change
Things that last forever
Things that I want
I went through it all but it’s useless
I’m working in my new studio
24 hours isn’t enough for me
I’m just working in my new studio
Cuz this is the answer
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7
okay this is my second verse
me and Crush, we’re uncrushable
Rappers who use translators need to be punished
Schemers scheming so dirty
When I get faster, I get lower
I get heavy and go straight
You’re like a shallow speed bump or a man hole
My zero back is unchanging, going on the road
You’ve got attitude and a potbelly
Your mouth is wide open
I reject you becoming a human
Leave your passiveness is in the basement of your consciousness
And come to Crush’s Hannam studio
The eternal fountain is pouring
We’re completely mad, we take it to the max
Put a machine gun to your ear like Furiosa

The pleasure of the unknowns who spread lies
Let me ask you one thing, are you really happy?
Are you really happy? Ok fine fine
Keep masturbating, I’m up so high, I can’t hear you
I’ve been putting up a V sign with Choiza on stage for a while
Wanna make a V between her legs
I wanna spread out all the rockheads
Set em on fire and bbq our songs on top
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7
I’m 9 to 5 5 to 9
seven eleven 24/7

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