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Louie Ray

Cash App lyrics . Lyrics of Cash App K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: Louie Ray

Cash App Lyrics

Louie Ray – Cash App (Tiktok Viral Song Lyrics)
Year: 2021

(Enrgy made this one)
(It’s a Wayne beat)
Yop (Damn)
I use my Cash App card when I cash her out
Supposed to be at the crib, but I had to— okay
Big bag in the backseat when I’m backin’ out
Shoot her two-fifty over Cash App, then I ask her out
Bitch be down to ride wherever, don’t ask the route
The head she hit me with was so fire, I done passed the house (Damn)
On this account, seventy-five hundred maxed me out
I’m so fresh today, I feel like she should ask me out
Yeah (Nah, for real, I ain’t lyin’)
He said, “Who the fuck you in there layin’ with?” She dragged me out
And then before he got tough, I blew a knee out
I’m highly known for beatin’ pussy down, I don’t eat out
Had to drop her off in the morning, she only wore a tee out
I want you comfortable, but this a Benz, put your feet down
Matter fact, lean back, let your seat down
I want you to come off the top, bitch, freestyle
She started suckin’ dick at one, it’s three now
This bitch squirt so much to the point I think it’s pee now (Mmm)
Fuck, I done fucked up the work, I left a pie out
The hood hotter, so I’m still walkin’ ’round with that fan out
Okay, you say you ran through twenty racks, pull a band out
I was at the ATM until it ran out
I heard they barely touched dog, but he ran out
That bitch I used to couldn’t fuck, could get her ran now
I use Cash App, money ain’t comin’ out my pants now
She like to fuck on balconies when it’s gloomy out
Okay, this a crime scene, play a movie out
They say it’s some white girls in here with they boobs out
I ain’t even gotta walk in with my tool out
It’s gettin’ too loud
It’s makin’ two sounds
Bitch, Grease in there tryna sleep, you bein’ too loud (Yeah)

Fuck her right there on the wall, blow her frame out
Somebody hit him with the fire, blew his flame out
I— I was known for bein’ real before I came out
Fake rappers with these fake stories gettin’ played out
My city know what’s up with me, why would I change now?
Hell nah, I can’t stop rappin’, look what I made now (Look, nigga)
Yeah, nigga, for real
Hell nah, I can’t stop rappin’, look what I made now
Okay, got my Cash App, got her paid now
Let her leave my Cash App, got her paid now (Quit playin’ with me, nigga)

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