DEMO.4 (English Translation) Lyrics


DEMO.4 (English Translation) lyrics . Lyrics of DEMO.4 (English Translation) K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: B.I

DEMO.4 (English Translation) Lyrics

Artist: 131
Song: DEMO.4 (English Translation)
Album: DEMO.4
Year: 2020

It was really lonely
I had a lot more on my mind than expected
Repetitive days where I felt helpless and things weren’t working out the way I wanted
I wanted to live until I just died [a long time]
As if running away, I grasped for every breath
Not listening to all the foolish words that everyone said was “consolation”
I had to heal my wounds without even being given any time
The person who was killing me may have been myself after all
This place is dark. The sky swallows the stars
I teach myself to adjust to the loneliness
I stay here in this place, where only echoes respond
This world that has lost its colors
As long as you’re here, I can promise myself to keep on living
Even though it tastes so bitter, I can endure it,
as I picture the day you and I can laugh and talk together, my love
I lose my breath, and I wander
At the end of my wandering, as long as you’re there, I’ll be okay

As I turn my back away from everything else and run away,
as long as you’re at the end of where I wander to, I’ll be okay
I lose my breath, and I wander
Credits to: @big_seunghyun

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