Haruka (English Translation) Lyrics


Haruka (English Translation) lyrics . Lyrics of Haruka (English Translation) K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: YOASOBI

Haruka (English Translation) Lyrics

YOASOBI – ハルカ (Haruka)(English Translation)
Year: 2020

What I recall is the day I encountered you,
I, who couldn’t return home with anyone,
That smiling face of yours when you found me, and
saved me, I will never forget.
The breaks in life, the prayers late at night,
The trail I have walked on together with you all this time.
Those days, where we shared the tough and also the
happy things.
When I think back, memories more than I can count
Just being able to be next to you, working hard in places
no one can see,
Is actually such bliss, you see.
I am simply thankful for all the memories that well up.
The Spring you were accepted into university, is a
season of departure,
You even brought me with you to a far-away city.
The yells of encouragement I sent to you, on your own
looking like you’re lonely in those uneasy days,
I was attached to them all.

The tears that have overflowed in your daily life which
isn’t just full of fun things, even so,
You kept walking facing forwards, and by doing that,
you go on to become an adult.
To be able to be next to you, ah
Your joys are my joys and,
May the happiness that is important to you stay with
you forever.
Hey, there’s already a lot of love overflowing next to you,
That’s why, please don’t cry now.
Just like that day.
When I think back with a smile, many memories come
back to life,
Even the tears that flowed in places no one can see, you
I am connected to the you of this moment, connected to
a lot of love.
I am simply thankful for all the memories that well up.
I will be in bliss forever, and I will love you forever.
Credits to: @shiyuki332

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