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Sub Urban

Isolate lyrics . Lyrics of Isolate K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: Sub Urban

Isolate Lyrics

Artist: Sub Urban
Song: Isolate
Album: Thrill Seeker
Year: 2020

(Sunny, kinda funny, yeah)
I’m not what I want to see
Juggling insecurities
Locked inside my cage of shit
No I don’t want to be clean
I don’t want to be seen
I’m just waiting for someone to
Put me to sleep
Like I’m
I live such a lonely life
I don’t like to go outside
Please, please fucking leave me be
No, I don’t want dirty hands
I don’t want to be mean
But I’m sick of meeting
New people on my scene
Like I’m aggravated, motivated, never gonna graduate
I’m stimulated, overstated, I just wanna get sedated
On the contrary, I just wanna meet a nice girl
Messy, not too sketchy, keep me tied up in the right world
Segregated, situated, hangin’ on sophisticated
Liberated, nauseated, I just want more medication
Individuality and blue light gives me headaches
Not changing for the better
I’m just changing clothes on weekends
Weather’s nice outside
I think I’ll close the window blinds
Yeah, sleep through my alarm
So that I skip the sunny part
Uh, I’m not one to take a risk
I’ll suck your blood, no anemics
Garlic or sticks, I’m vampiric
I just don’t like the sun

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