Joke (English Translation) Lyrics

RM (알엠)

Joke (English Translation) lyrics . Lyrics of Joke (English Translation) K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: RM (알엠)

Joke (English Translation) Lyrics

Artist: 랩몬스터 (RM)
Song: 농담 (Joke)(English Translation)
Album: RM
Year: 2015

The rhythm that rings in my eardrums
Bass & Drum the fuel that moves me
All the happiness that exists here and even all your new year’s luck
Imma fuckin get em
I’m elastin, you guys are dandruff
Rap retards, your skill levels are all similar
Fame, girls, money that ma honey to the 100 to the 100
Who will stop me Imma fuckin beat em
Haters like leeches kill me and bind me
And silence me I’m so super I juss grew up
Like a beggar motherfucker motherfucker mix them all, bend their hands and feet
Make them do a circus make them do chin ups all of them fuck up
You say one thing and mean another, women call you unni
Become thick skinned so easily, in your songs it’s as if you’re Lee Gun-Hee
You say you attract girls like flies, stop it I can see all of your reality
Hongdae variety shows and those few loyal hippies are your regulars
I open and shut the door of this place,
Like the rap pain that you shitty retards say you feel everyday
In an instant, I dominate the beat
When they see you, the beats talk and say, “beat him”
You’ll be feeling envious of my pay
Sweden, Germany, Brasil to Japan
Stronger than your dirty tongue is my pen
Now I can finally reveal my hand that is better than 5 Kwang
Got six bullets in my tongue
Six snakes in my lung
Six shots got me feelin’ 2pac, yeah these are A$AP’s lyrics
Just like a happily married couple there’s not much to you,
Just like a perfect woman, you need no erection
I tap tap the duster, scrub scrub and sweep away,
My tongue like water, washing the dishes
This is a meaningless wordplay, you know I got a mufuckin beat
I got a mufuckin rhyme
I got a mufuckin flow I got a mufuckin style
I got a mufuckin wine I got a mufuckin shine
Just how many measures are these, my mufuckin line
Bitch I’m the one I’m so mufuckin prime
You’re fuckin tacky, a village mayor, or a pig’s-feet loving old man style
Bitch I’m your man, 10 outta 10, my heart is black, a midsummer’s suntan
I start the battle plan, yeah my name’s brand,
I do it all alone, my name’s band
This is my amusement park, pull the lever
Your level and mine are different from their very roots
My name is greatest and my last name is ever,
I’m never asking to change my name, not me, never ever ever
Yeah, man, you’re a clown, not the powerful man,
Prey rather than the top, imitation and not the answer
When you watch porn, you come in just 3 seconds
I’m the top of the top, most powerful of the elite, answer of the answers
Even the hoobaes and sunbaes all go around
Just go suck a dick, just try it, it’s delicious
Yes you’re my enemy so fuck off!
Day or night, fucking hard working
You can only do three-word raps, you bastard.
Bibidi babidi, boobidi babidi
Nimini namini jigimi chakami
Yours will go out, stuff yourself with dry fish
Is your name mimi? Shawty, you’re hopeless
My rap is completely insane rap
Your rap, I’ll just say one thing – don’t rap
My rap is rap that’s played in larger waters,
Yours isn’t actually rap, it’s non-rap
Yeah you’re the best woman, best vagina
So you’re fucking good at it, abuse of power
Ah, but now that I think of it you were never in power,
So I’ll take off the power and call you dear. Gonorrhea
I pop it, rock it, knock it, never stop it, talkin some trashes
I’m unemployed so I have no mercy,
You’re really unemployed so you have no money for the bus
You know I ain’t about the thousands, let me ride it yo drop it swap it
Rock it mock it stalk it lock it in my pocket there’s full of monsters
Yeah I gettin on em bitch, gettin on em rich
The son of the beach (in Korean), you’re a son of a beach
I glow like an unpolished gem, just like the son of a jade
I’m a monster so son of a Stitch
Yeah man I told you that I’m a monster
That why I be rappin non stop
I do want your hands at the concert
Want your fuckin damn erry hands at the concert
Hit me
Credits to: Yein @ bts-trans

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