The Last (English Translation) Lyrics

SUGA (슈가) / Agust D

The Last (English Translation) lyrics . Lyrics of The Last (English Translation) K-pop song.

Language: K-pop

Artists: SUGA (슈가) / Agust D

The Last (English Translation) Lyrics

Artist: Agust D (SUGA)
Song: 마지막 (The Last)(English Translation)
Album: Agust D
Year: 2016

The hidden side of a well known idol rapper
A weaker side of me of stands there, it’s a little dangerous
Depression and obsessive-compulsion relapses again
Hello no perhaps this might be my true self
Damn huh a separation of reality
A contrast of ideals, my head hurts
My social phobia started when I was around 18
Yes, it was around that time that my mind became more and more polluted
Sometimes I even scare myself
Because of the self-hatred and depression that came back to visit
Min Yoongi is already dead (I killed him)
A passion that is dead and comparing myself with others has become every day for me
The first day at the psychiatrist’s office, my parents came up
We got consultation together, my parents said they didn’t really know who I was
I don’t even know who I am, then who would know?
Friends? Maybe you? No one knows who I am.
The doctor asked me. Have you ever-
I answered without hesitation. That I had done it before.

The words I say out of habit, I don’t give a shit I don’t give a fuck
Those words are all uh words to hide my weak self
I want to erase that day, yes the gig I can barely remember
Facing myself who hid in the bathroom because I was scared of the people
That time I, that time I
Thought success would compensate for everything
But you know what, but you know what
It feels like I’m becoming a monster as time goes by
I exchanged my youth with the monster called success and he wants more wealth
My greed which was my weapon turned into something that would swallow me up, ruin me, and sometimes put a chain on me
Some people try to block my mouth and tell me to swallow the forbidden fruit
I don’t want it they want me to leave the garden
Shit shit I get it already so stop it
The cause of everything is me so I’ll quit on my own
If my unhappiness is your happiness then I will willingly be unhappy
If I’m the target of hatred then I will stand at the guillotine for you
The things I could only imagine became reality
My childhood dreams are now in front of me
I was a nothing that performed in front of only two people, now Tokyo Dome is right in front of me
With the only life you have live it wilder than anyone else, anyone can live passingly
My fan my hommie my fam I hope you don’t worry, I’m really okay now damn
I denied my nature numerous times
My address is an idol I won’t deny it
Numerous times my anguish dug into my mind
There was no answer to my wandering
The self respect I thought I betrayed has now become my pride
My fans hold your head up with pride who does it better than me uh

From Seiko to Rolex, from Ax to Olympic Gymnastics Arena
With a single hand gesture, tens of thousands of people’s heads nod
It’s not that I couldn’t do Show Me The Money, but I didn’t shit
It’s not that you guys didn’t betray us, but you couldn’t shit
The root of my creations is because I had a taste of the world’s sweetness, bitterness and even the taste of shit
Trying to sleep on the bathroom floor is now a memory to me uh it became a memory
Thanks to the accident while I was on my delivery part time job that crushed my fucking shoulder
The debut that I desperately clung on to, who do you think you’re acting like you had hardships in front of
From Seiko to Rolex, from Ax to Olympic Gymnastics Arena
With a single hand gesture, tens of thousands of people’s heads nod
Resentment gave birth to me uh look at me straight in the face uh
It’s not that you guys didn’t betray us, but you couldn’t shit
Credits to: bts-trans

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